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. we are looking brisk and the temperatures coming in right around 58 degrees. let's get a check of the traffic with lauren. >> it is purple friday to the orioles, i will trade in my regular for this one. downtown and it will be nice and clear as well, traveling through the tunnel and the harbor tunnel. for those going to the beltway and the west side at baltimore national pike, no delays
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heading down to 95. this is what the beltway looks like. there is nothing to get in your way as you travel up to towson. that's a look at the time saver traffic. over to you. and the bats to come alive, how is your blood pressure in a season of nights and gritty winds. nothing compared to what happened now that the team that plays its best when there against the wall face another elimination game. can you handle it? and we go to new york with a look back at the magic. >> good morning, let me just tell you, this is one of the gutsy winds to come out after what they went through wednesday and what to win this game mentally tough, it is a fairy tale. >> we have been saying o- mazing. >> what a win. >> the police cannot believe
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it. >> let's look at the highlights and they double and end up scoring on a hardy, jj hardy base hit. >> he said i don't think i'm 20. >> jj comes on, 1, 2, 3, they pinch hit... >> talk about short memories. he blew the save to ibanez, he comes back, gets the save, gets into game 5. this is a game that the yankees did not want to be playing here in the bronx tomorrow night. >> take me to the clubhouse. they are jubilant ready to go. they were talking about losing. they said they have been resilient. this what they had to say after the game. >> all the teams it is fitting
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with the games thatway won all year. and and at this point in the season. >> we had chances, seems like we had chances all night and we were not coming through, i don't know t is nice to come through. >> and you know. >> i don't think we sensed we were done. and it was pretty dramatic. and a huge performance. >> momentum is as good as the next day's starting pitcher. and jason hamle, they will take him on here in the bronx. >> there is no way.
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>> game time at 5:07. it will be an early start. we'll see you later. , throwing down the gauntlet. they do not lose game 5. it will be an early first pitch set for after 5:00. you may want to get out of work early. this is what we have been waiting 15 years for and the city is excited. and send your pictures to us. we have a slide show. we don't want to you forget about the other birds. they are leading now in the north with a 4-1 record. her life was cut short by violence as it affects so many teens. tonight family and friends of the 16-year-old will hold a
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vigil. she has shot on sunday night. her friends say it will give everyone a chance to mourn the loss. police are looking for the girl's killer. they have little evidence right now but know she had multiple run ins with the law. and law enforcement want to do everything they can to keep you safe by preventing accidental shootings. police are now calling on gun owners to secure the weapons. and the police chief and the county executive will announce a new gun law. the program is in response to the gun related incidents the two area schools. and a student at perry hall and a victim of a shooting there. as he is recovering, the community wants to help out in any way they can. tomorrow the baltimore blast will hold an event called goals for daniel just north of the white marsh mall. all monies raised will go to medical bills. the 17-year-old was shot on the first day of school and has had
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to undergo three surgeries. it is now 4:36 this morning and teddy bears, balloons and pictures, that's all that is left. we drive past a home t is a memorial honoring the five people that were killed during a massive house fire. and we have the latest on this story. and how is everyone in the community now holding up? >> well, charlie not very well. they are trying to comfort each other but yesterday morning a massive fire killed five people, including a grandmother and four children. now there is a makeshift memorial set up to remember the victims. last night a vigil was held at the burned out home. and people from a school crowded the sidewalk on dinwood. mothers comforting mothers. right now this community is supporting one another through the difficult time. investigators still don't know what caused that fire t started around 2:00 yesterday morning.
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several people were inside and changed to escape. five did not make it out. the community is devastated by this loss. >> as a mother i hugged her, she lost a child. i lost a child, i know that feeling f you have never lost a child you don't -- if you have never lost a child, you don't know that feeling. i wanted her to know i'm here and everyone was here for her. >> now investigators say there were detectors in the home but they are not sure if they were working. and we are working for you. here are some fire safety stipulates -- tips. never use the off ton heat the home. make sure you have a working smoke detector. replace batteries. talk about routes out of the house and a meeting place like a mailbox. space heaters need space. don't push them against furniture or walls. all things that you need to know to keep your family safe.
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>> we'll have a list on the web site later. it is now 4:38 this morning. luckily on this weekend we have the running festival going on at the inner harbor. we have a check of how things are going to shape up. >> things are shaping up good as we go to the weekend. everyone will like what is going on. we'll see sunshine out there. as you look at the satellite and the radar, you are wondering what are you talking about. i see the rain on the map and show and into tennessee now. this is courtesy of a cold front that will move through and be a dry front. we'll get more clouds in here in the afternoon. but that's about it. on the backside of that, we'll see sunshine pushing through as we head into the weekend. for right now we're dealing with clear skies and very chilly temperatures out there this morning. look what we have coming at 47 degrees. rockville in the 30s. upper 30s now, 44 in annapolis
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and northville at 43. federals burg coming in at 42 this morning. as you step out. make sure you grab that coat, you will need it, very chilly air in place. we have a new tropical storm that has de is coming up. back to charlie. >> pounding the pavement is the annual under armor running festival. and a vet is lacing up his sneakers and wallets are hurting like ours. and climbing its way out of a massive hole. what you can pay when sending a letter come january. how close an asteroid came to earth. take a look. >> everything is up to speed here on 695 behind me. i'll let you know how traffic is shaping up coming up on good morning maryland. this a live look at new york city's times square, later today the orioles will take on
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the yankees again. hopefully they pull off another win. stay with us, we have more coming up. wççñçñ
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it is 4:43 t will be a crowded weekend in baltimore. 20,000 people in townfor the baltimore running festival and that's where we find linda so. she is live with a preview where the runners will come across the finish line. linda, are you running this weekend? >> reporter: of course not. come onky not run a mile but we have some runners who can do it all. we're here now right in front of the stadium. this place looks great. we have the parking lot set up with tents. we have a special runner. he has been doing this for a couple of years now. sid bush, you joined us last year. you run with a purpose. why do you do this every year?
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>> i run my marathons in honor of young men killed in the fight against terrorism in the middle east. that's what keeps me going. i do it to show the families that the loss has not been gone unnoticed by the american people. >> this year who you are running for. the staff sarge yet. and they are not too far. i will get to present them and finish it tomorrow. >> were you telling me when yo talked to his mother she said something special. >> yes, excuse me. >> she mentioned her son told her before he deployed he had a foretelling something would happen. his greatest fear that nobody would have known he lived. and the at 25 you should not those worries. my age you should but at 25 you should not worry that anyone knows that you lived on the
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planet so it got to me and i really want to let people know about him. >> that's truly wonderful. you have been doing this for a long time. you have run for 40 soldier so far. you will keep doing it. we'll see you here, i will be here next year. i will have probably another name to run for. >> reporter: that's honorable what you are doing. best of luck to you. the race kicks off at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. they have broken the record, 27,000 runners it is the largest amount t started 12 years ago t kicks off tomorrow at 8 in the morning. and sid will be one of the wonderful runners running in honor of the a soldier killed in the war. we're live in downtown baltimore. linda so. >> if you are one of the 27,000 out there for the big race it is important to load up on carbs tonight. that's what keep kennedy kreiger. and the patients will gather for a dinner celebrating their
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accomplishments. that is being donated by sabitinos. and we'll have a check of weather and traffic. we'll have a lot of closures with the race tomorrow. we'll get to that in a moment. but -- >> how about that. [ laughter ] >> how about the os. >> the weather going on. >> a lot going on. this will be a nice ball weekend, it will feel good, we'll get a lot of sunshine out of it. >> the numbers this morning we're chilly again. look at the 40s. these are below average and we can seize glen wood's temperature, 40 degrees exactly and 45 in coming in around 41. we're not dealing with patchy fog. that's good news to deliver as well. we have no rain across the area. that trend will continue as we go through the afternoon. yes, we do have a cold front that's going to move in as we go through the afternoon. but it is a dry front.
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not exacting any type of rain. high pressure is building in for today and this will start to slide off to the east once that cold front makes its way towards the area. so, we're talking about the tropics. we'll talk about the new tropical storm. we have patty now. the wind sustained at 40 miles an hour. the southwest and three miles an hour. and the forward momentum is moving slowly. you can see the track as it heads to cuba. >> we're going to keep you up dated on the information. the future trend not picking up. a few clouds passing as that front moves through. lots of sunshine will be the scenario and 64 degrees. and breezy conditions. that's the bigger score. cold we have a freeze watch into the morning. be repped for that. by tomorrow 59 and cooler.
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>> let's get a check of traffic with lauren cook. good morning. as charlie mentioned. the marathon will shut down the roads. for a list of all other closures go to abc. >> and 70 nice and clear in howard county. and all the way over to 695. the beltway that's going to be in great shape. no problems to report on the west side from 795 down to 95. and a live look outside down to the beltway t will be clear as we get on and head downtown. this what 95 looks like in white marsh north of route 43 a 15-minute ride here into the city. that's a look at traffic. over to you. five things you may want to know. and a clean glass of water and they will be talking about the improvements being made for the water and sewer system. the group will meet at the
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maritime park. >> a river prob to blame for a cub at the zoo. it prevented the cub from getting oxygen according to a vet. officials are hoping that the results from the debt will increase the survival odds of future cubs even more. >> it will cost you more to mail a letter n january a first class forever stamp will cost 4 6 cents. next is the forever stamp for you can mail a letter to anywhere in the world. the rates for the mail services will be going up. after 123 million miles flown. the endevor is on a final leg home. and holes had to be removed so they can get through the streets of los angeles. the shuttle will go on display at the science center. an asteroid the size of a house was past earth and it came pretty close to earth but pose
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nod threat. and it called 2012 was about 56 feet wide and came within 59,000 miles of earth. and meningitis cases are on the rise in maryland and the latest on the disease everything you need to know ahead. last night the gloves came off. a look at the highs and lows of the one only debate. and a chilly morning in westminster. clear skies and we are following the radar, the rain as we go through time here f you want to do so, just go to our app store and down load the app. we'll be right back.
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thanks for staying with us this morning. the vice president and paul ryan took to the stage last night for the first and only
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vice presidential debate. we have the highlights from danville, kentucky. >> reporter: mitt romney and the president called their running mates to tell them they did a fantastic job. the bottom line -- this was one firey debate. place pause the 90-minute debate was the first and only between the two candidates. it covers a wide range of issues like like the economy. >> pushing and continuation of a tax cut that will give $500 billion in tax cuts to 120,000 families. and they're holding hostage the middle class tax cut. >> did they come in and inheart a tough situation? yes but we're going in the wrong direction. look where we are. the economy is barely limping along. >> reporter: medicare. >> they have not been big on medicare from the start. >> reporter: and foreign policy. >> this is issue will be a tragedy in and of itself but
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unfortunately it is indicative of a broader problem. and that is what we're watching on the tv screens is the unraveling of the foreign policy. >> many expected bide ton come out swinging. >> for a guy who says 47% of the american people are unwilling to take responsibility for this. >> they are my mom and dad my neighbors. >> reporter: and ryan had the burden of expectations, they were caught with hair hands into the cooky jar. >> reporter: in the end it was not about the pair on stage as it was the men on the top of their ticket. >> big nations and this president does not bluff. >> romney cares about 100% of americans in the country. >> reporter: most agree there was substance. but the question is who did better? there is a poll which came out right after the debate

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